By Skincare Junkie Inc

How Airless Packaging Can Help You Get the Most of Your Skincare

What do you pay attention to when choosing a skincare product, such as a facial moisturizer? Likely, ingredients, benefit claims, and value for money. Packaging too — whether it’s appealing, convenient, sustainable (and cute!). But how often do we consider whether it’s optimal for the product and ingredients it contains? The right packaging is especially important for products containing active ingredients and antioxidants. 

What Is Airless Packaging? 

In the world of skincare, the main objective of packaging is to protect and preserve the skincare product formulation inside. Traditional skincare packaging, such as jars and tubes, exposes products to air and environmental pollutants each time they are opened and touched. This can degrade the product, reducing its effectiveness and shelf life. 

By contrast, innovative airless packaging ensures that the product inside remains virtually untouched by external air and contaminants, maintaining the product's potency and offering a purer application every time (especially important for the sensitive skin type!). Less contamination means less need to use preservatives in a formulation. 

Airless pump packaging technology is transforming how skincare products are stored and preserved. 

How Does Airless Pump Work? 

You might already be using a skincare product that utilizes the airless pump technology. At Skincare Junkie®, our Megadose Super Antioxidant Face Moisturizer comes packaged in an airless pump dispensing system. This enhances the moisturizer’s efficacy, preserves the potency of its ingredients, and prevents microbial contamination (from our fingers). 

Unlike traditional pumps that need air intake to create pressure, airless pumps use a non-pressurized vacuum dispensing system — a mechanical pump encased in a hermetically sealed container. As you press the pump, it creates a vacuum that pulls the product up, dispensing it without interaction with air. 

What Are the Benefits? 

Airless pump technology helps enhance the shelf life of a skincare product, provide cleaner application, preserve the formulation, and minimize waste. 

  1. Prevent contamination. For those with sensitive skin, clean application is important. By preventing exposure to air and contact with the user, airless pump technology prevents bacterial and fungal contamination, which significantly reduces the risk of irritation or infection. This also makes airless pump bottles perfect for gym bags and hygienic post-workout application. 
  2. Enhance shelf life. Certain active ingredients, such as Vitamin C or retinol, and ingredients prone to oxidation, such as other vitamins and antioxidants, require packaging that protects them from air and light exposure, maintaining their stability and efficacy. 
  3. Fewer preservatives. Since airless pumps can keep contaminants out of the product, there is less need to add preservatives to the formulation. Less preservatives in skincare products — better for our skin, health, and the environment. 
  4. Minimize waste. The precise dispensing mechanism of airless pump bottles means that each pump delivers a consistent amount of product, reducing waste. It also means not much product is left behind when it runs out. Airless design reduces product evaporation, prevents leaks and spillage. 

Are Airless Pumps Sustainable? 

Airless pumps are not only beneficial for their cosmetic and health benefits but also for their environmental impact. The airless technology minimizes waste by allowing users to get almost every last drop of product out of the container — contrary to traditional mechanical pumps, which often leave a significant amount remaining. 

While the debate on the eco-friendliness of various plastics continues, airless pumps are not a cheap type of packaging. They are used mostly by reputable and innovative skincare brands who care about sustainability. This, in turn, motivates manufacturers of airless pump containers to use recyclable materials and continue innovating for more sustainable solutions. 

Pump It! 

Skincare Junkie® founder and board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Murphy-Rose, created the first moisturizer on the market that combines 10 of the most potent, clinically proven topical antioxidants plus hyaluronic acid and squalane in a proprietary non-comedogenic safe formula that feels silky smooth and luxurious and will never break you out. 

How do you make sure that all that goodness — a deeply hydrating, non-comedogenic moisturizer and a powerful serum packed with 10 antioxidants — remains mega effective and lasts as long as possible? You pack it in a (cute) airless pump bottle, of course! 

Experience the latest in skincare and packaging innovation, help protect your skin, prevent signs of skin aging, and create a brighter complexion with Skincare Junkie® Megadose Super Antioxidant Face Moisturizer. Did we mention that Elle called it the best antioxidant moisturizer?