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Derm's Guide to Skinstreaming: Less-Is-More Skincare

There are skincare junkies who have mastered 10+ step skincare routines. However, a recent trend for a less-is-more approach focuses on building a minimalist skincare routine featuring a few multitasking products and straightforward ingredients. This approach is sensitive-skin friendly, fits well with a busy lifestyle and eco-friendly living, and promotes skin barrier healing. But where do you start and how? We checked in with Dr. Murphy-Rose. 

What Is Skinstreaming?

If you are looking into streamlining or simplifying your skincare routine, or so called “skinstreaming,” Dr. Murphy-Rose says that less is definitely more when it comes to skincare. She says, “It is a great idea to have a routine that works and that is not too time-consuming so that you can stick to it. Oftentimes, the products we use on our skin are actually causing some of our skin problems.” So, fewer products may equate to fewer potential adverse effects. 

Who Is Skinstreaming For? 

Skinstreaming could work for anyone, specifically: 

  • If your skin is sensitive, irritated, or you have damaged your skin barrier. 
  • If your current skincare routine stopped working (e.g., as a result of hormonal changes). 
  • If you are confused by a huge number of available skincare products and ingredients and wonder how to start a minimalist skincare routine. 
  • If you are a busy professional or travel often and need a simplified skincare routine. 
  • If you are looking to minimize your environmental impact by reducing plastic packaging. 

Benefits of Skinstreaming for Skin Health 

Skinstreaming has multiple benefits other than the obvious savings of money and time: 

  • Optimizing your skincare routine can facilitate skin barrier healing and restore your skin health. 
  • You will discover multitasking products, for example, moisturizers that also work as serums (like Skincare Junkie® Megadose Antioxidant Facial Moisturizer). 
  • You can learn about evidence-based skincare ingredients that are effective and safe rather than follow what’s trending. 
  • You can improve your environmental impact by reducing the amount of plastic packaging.
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How Do I Skinstream My Skincare Routine?

Dr. Murphy-Rose recommends choosing high-quality skincare products that are effective (have evidence-based ingredients) and non-problematic for your type of skin. Look for multitasking products for a synergistic effect. 

Understanding your skin type and concerns is the first step in building an effective, streamlined skincare routine. Generally speaking, Dr. Murphy-Rose advises sticking with the following daily skincare essentials. 

In the morning, protect and prevent: 

  1. Cleanse with micellar water if skin feels oily or skip cleansing if skin feels dry or “normal.” 
  2. The usual advice is to treat skin with an antioxidant serum and hydrate with a moisturizer. But with multitasking antioxidant moisturizers like Skincare Junkie® Megadose Antioxidant Facial Moisturizer, you can combine these two steps with one product. 
  3. Apply mineral SPF. 

In the evening, hydrate and repair: 

  1. Cleanse with a gentle cleanser suitable for your skin type. We recommend Skincare Junkie® Gently Jelly Facial Cleanser
  2. Treat your skin with retinol, retinoid, AHA, or an alternative active ingredient. 
  3. Hydrate with an effective moisturizer. Some of the ingredients to look out for: ceramides, squalane, and hyaluronic acid

It is important to remember that if your skin is accustomed to “skin flooding” (layering multiple skincare products), it may need time to adjust to the new minimalist routine. If you have an elaborate skincare routine, you can start streamlining it by removing one product at a time. You can also look into replacing multiple products with one multitasking product. 

How to Heal a Damaged Skin Barrier With Skinstreaming?  

The skin barrier is composed of skin cells held together by lipids (fats). It maintains hydration, prevents water loss, and ensures overall skin health. A strong and healthy skin barrier helps keep skin smooth, resilient, and less prone to irritation or infections.

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What are the common causes of skin barrier damage? 

  • Incorrect product usage. Using products that are not suitable for your skin type, overdoing or clashing active ingredients can disrupt the skin's natural balance. 
  • Skin sensitivity. Using products with allergens or irritants such as fragrances and certain preservatives can lead to skin barrier damage, skin irritation, or even allergies.
  • Over-cleansing and over-exfoliation. Using harsh cleansers with unsuitable ingredients, physical scrubs, or powerful chemical exfoliants and/ or doing it too frequently can strip away the protective layer of the skin, leading to damage. 

What are the signs of a damaged skin barrier?

A damaged skin barrier can manifest through various symptoms that indicate your skin's protective layer is compromised. The key signs to look out for are:

  • Skin dryness and flakiness.
  • Redness and inflammation. 
  • Tightness and itching. 
  • Increased sensitivity, breakouts and acne.
  • Changes in texture and overall appearance of the skin.

How to Heal a Damaged Skin Barrier With Skinstreaming? 

To heal a damaged skin barrier, Dr. Murphy-Rose recommends using the key skinstreaming principles: adopt a gentle skincare routine (see above), avoid harsh exfoliants and irritants, and focus on products that restore hydration and support skin repair, such as those containing ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and niacinamide